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H-PreC One-Step ®

This process allows the fabrication of deep-drawn composite parts for which the surface finish and technical inserts can be integrated directly during the manufacturing. 

The inserts are directly integrated during the fabrication to reduce the weight of your structures: foam core, metal edge, inserts.

The sandwich


H-PreC launches a new generation of thermosetting deep-drawn composite, with its One-Step® process. Optimum quality for a competitive price.

The deep-drawn 


In one operation get a deep-drawn surface-finish composite. Custom-made product, saving time and quality by eliminating post-processing.

The surface-finished

H-PreC BloK ®

This exclusive process allows a direct replacement of your machined or foundry metal parts by a composite part. It is a massive machined composite with oriented continuous fibers.


Our BloK® parts allow a direct replacement of your metal or plastic parts by a monobloc composite that we mass manufacture. All our products have a very high-quality and mechanical resistance thanks to the use of oriented continuous fiber.

The monobloc

Thanks to his process Blok®, H-PreC tackles the development of frame parts. The original design of this swing arm assembled by screwing/gluing allows a competitive cost and a very high mechanical quality.

The assembled monobloc


C#BloK® is our exclusive range of technical parts, in small series or mass production, for the motorcycle. The most stressed parts, in their carbon version, have an increased technicality and a weight gain of up to 45%.  Visit c-blok.com for more 

The C-BloK