The One-Step® composites guarantees

Traceability: with the H-PreC One-Step® process, all actual fabrication data (pressure, temperature, vacuum) are controlled and recorded.
Results: all parts can be provided with a datasheet with all fabrication parameters. 
             ✓ Part traceability guaranteed

Material quality: Microscope view (400µm) of an aeronautic RTM composite and a standard H-PreC One-Step® composite. 
Test made on a part destined to spatial application

Results: “ we note that the fiber/resin ratio in the H-PreC composite is optimized and that the void content/entrapped air cannot be quantified because they are too low ” 
                   ✓ Part quality optimized

Comparative study of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) 

Product quality: oven for 10 days, 24h cycles, automotive AF test method (15h at 40°C, 95% RH, 3h at -20°C, 6h at 85°C) of a surface-finished with leather and 3M DI-NOC (PVC film) H-PreC One-Step® product.
Test made on a part destined to the automotive market 

Results: “ No air bubbling or shrinkage. The original appearance of the surface finished is unchanged. No blushing of the part.”
                          ✓ Durability

Test made by the 3M France laboratories
Result: A+ (Best score). 
                  ✓ Environmental stability

Environmental quality: VOC* emission 
*VOC: Volatile organic compounds.
Test made on a part destined to the rail industry

Test made by the Eurofins laboratories