A word from the C.E.O.
The company H-PreC was born from an observation: the composite transformation processes are limited and the products rarely meet the customers requirements despite the increasingly elaborated raw materials and an exponentially growing demand for thermosetting composite parts.

We hence worked on the creation of fully operational innovative processes, and not simple upgrades from the existing ones, which meet the industrial customers requirements. With the H-PreC processes, we provide a portfolio of products with broader functionality.

To reach this point, we invested over one million euros in a high-tech research and development center, we gathered a multidisciplinary team and we collaborate with leading universities and major industrial companies.

For the innovation to reach the industry, we manage for our customers the whole chain from the laboratory to the large-scale production line. We are fully automonous to manufacture in-house small and medium scale productions and we can provide technology transfer.
We have two exclusive fabrication processes, several exclusive products and we aim to pursue the development of the next generation composites.
“ H-PreC has created an environment where the innovation coming from the fundamental research and the industrial activity can flourish together in the same company ” 
Cécile Crassous,
Chief Executive Officer