The H-PreC One-Step® process
The One-Step® process reinvents the deep-drawn thermosetting composite for technical and aesthetical parts.
The One-Step® is a complete fabrication process fully dedicated to the fabrication of deep-drawn thermosetting composite parts. 

The advantages of the process:
✓   Very high quality composite, better than prepreg.
✓   A short, mechanized fabrication line, limiting human intervention and its cost.
✓   A multistage press reducing the cycle time.
✓   Affordable and quick-to-manufacture mould.
✓   Mould without thermal inertia for large-scale production without any loss of quality of the parts.

The One-Step® allows the fabrication of raw, surface-finished and sandwich composites that are reproducible and traceable.

Maximum size 1400x1400mm, coming soon: 1400x2900mm, Max drawing depth: 200mm